You think you’ve got problems!

I am very pleased to have finished the 3rd installment of Giovanni's adventures in the Med School Series - Giovanni Joins The Werewolves. There were moments when I wasn't sure it was going to happen. First, I moved halfway across the country to a more challenging job. It was what I wanted and I'm very... Continue Reading →

Exploring East Texas

Having moved to East Texas over the past Christmas, I've been doing all the exploring new town things you do when you go some place new, including a fun presentation last week. You know how you have regular dips in fields and such? Well, I always thought that was just the run-off point, but I... Continue Reading →

Making Women From History Live

Working with had been a delight because so many writers have not only shared their brilliant and entertaining stories, but also been so open about the challenges and process of creating a novel. Here today to share what it takes to make a woman from history come alive is Sarah Avery on The Imlen... Continue Reading →

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