Catherine Chant and Suzanne Bischoff!

Congratulations ladies! Look for your free copy of Restless Spirits and autumn-scented sachets to arrive soon.

The winner of the Grand Prize ($50 Amazon Gift Card) is Janet Haselden.

Thank you, everybody, for participating and please, pop back around for the Winter Warm-Up Blog Hop, Dec. 19-22!

The air is getting chilly, and the nights are getting longer! There’s a grinning pumpkin on every corner, and a shrieking child in every street! As Jack Skelington sings, “It’s time to party!”

Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year. I love everything about it from the scary movies to the surplus of candy. I don’t even mind the extra gym time I’m gonna have to put in during November. So let’s celebrate with the HOWLOWEEN Blog Hop!

RestlessSpirits_200I’m offering not one, but two chances to WIN an e-book copy of Restless Spirits, a funny and contemporary ghost story with a generous helping of romance!

Enter to win your copy of Restless Spirits today!

Marilee Harper agrees to renovate a bed & breakfast where fixtures turn themselves off and on, and old baseballs fly without help. Then the haunting goes too far and her sweet, bookish employer, John Smith, goes missing, taken captive to the Otherworld. How far will Megan go to rescue her man and her job?

Just to be sure you’re prepared for those unexpected guests, spectral and otherwise, you also win 3 delicious-smelling, autumn-scented sachets!sachets

Then make sure you visit the nearly 100 other authors in the HOWLOWEEN blog hop for other great prizes and reads! But before you’re spirited away, enter to with the Grand Prize of a $50 Amazon Gift Card!


16 thoughts on “HOWLOWEEN Blog Hop!

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  1. I love giving out candy (ok, and maybe I eat a bit of it too)…it’s so much fun to see what costumes the neighborhood kids have come up with!

  2. I like everything about Halloween, bobbing for apples, haunted hayrides, ghosts and goblins, pumpkins, scary books and movies. I look forward to October every year.

    videoclimber AT yahoo (dot) com

  3. To be honest, the candy is the best thing followed by the little kids who are still so excited and proud of their costumes. Seems to me little boys are even more into the costumes than the girls.

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